What We Believe

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God the Father

God the Father is the Supreme Being, the Creator and Ruler of all that is. He is the Self-Existent one, perfect in Power, Goodness, and Wisdom.

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God the Son Jesus

Jesus is God in human form who came to earth over 2000 years ago as the man, Jesus of Nazareth. Mankind is Saved Only through Jesus.

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God the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is God's Presence Living in us, Guiding us, and Empowering us.

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Mankind was Intentionally Created by God, through Jesus, to bring Him Glory. We Did Not evolve from apes.


Sin is acting Against any rule or law that God has Created.

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The Bible

The Word of God, and carries the Full Authority of God. Every single statement of the Bible calls for Instant and Unqualified Acceptance. 

Advocate and Atonement

Jesus is our Advocate who comes to our Aid and Pleads our Case to God. Instead of God's Righteous Penalty being placed on us, He put it on Jesus who became the Atonement for our Sins.